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When to Drill Out a Post.

Dec 30, 2018

Drilling a post out is the least traumatic way to remove a post from a root

Patient: 69 year-old female with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (stabilized)

Chief Complaint: biting sensitivity with a long history of a slight tooth ache

Dental History: The patient reported having had the previous root canal treatment performed by a local general dentist in 1969 (tooth #9)

Update Recall: Insoluble Root Canal Filling Material-Retreatment

Apr 30, 2017

Learn the challenges of insoluble paste removal and a strategic approach to managing retreatment

Case: Patient presented with constant pain after root canal treatment performed 6 months earlier

Patient: 60-year-old female with vertigo

Chief Complaint: Constant pain in the upper right posterior jaw

Dental History: The patient had the right maxillary first molar (#3) treated with root canal therapy by an endodontist 6 months prior to the time of consultation and experienced constant pain since. Her general dentist referred her to the author’s practice for a second opinion.