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Post-endodontic Restoration

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Creative Dycal Use for Aseptic Isolation and Post-endodontic Restoration

Learn an advanced tip for insuring aseptic isolation during endodontic treatment

The low viscosity and flow of Dycal (Dentsply International) is ideal for sealing rubber dam gaps to maintain aseptic isolation during root canal therapy in this demonstration series the use of Dycal with and without the combination of matrix retaining materials are shown.

The set-up is simply and can be available chairside at any point during the procedure.

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Endodontic Treatment of a Molar with Gross Caries: Demonstration

Learn how to endodontically manage a tooth with gross caries

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Follow-Up Treatment after Endodontics: Posed Discussion

This treatment case poses discussion points regarding risk-benefits of metal posts used as a build-up

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