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Long Term Recall of an Endodontically Treated Molar Treated during the Mixed Dentition Stage

Oct 1, 2017

The mixed dentition poses special complexities requiring that long term provisionalization should be planned accommodating changes in occlusion and tooth position

Patient: 11 year old male in excellent health (2003)

Chief Complaint: throbbing tooth pain (2003)

Dental History: The patient reported a history of dental sealants. His dentist noted gross Class II distal caries on the mandibular right first molar after the patient reported pain of 2 weeks duration

Stalled Revascularization

Jun 6, 2016

Learn the challenges of pulp revascularization

Case: patient presented with an endodontic abscess and an immature root apex

Patient: 13 year old male in excellent health (8 years old when treatment started)
Chief Complaint: Asymptomatic (recent avulsion)
Dental History: The patient was referred one year after the maxillary right central incisor had been avulsed in a traumatic accident.