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Emergency Pain Associated with Tooth Treated with Endodontics Many Years Ago

Jun 3, 2019

This case demonstrates a detailed approach to post removal and perforation repair

Case: Patient presenting with previous endodontic treatment and post placement that had resulted in a root perforation

Patient: 43-year-old male in excellent health

Chief Complaint: pain and swelling

Dental History: Root canal treatment had been performed on the maxillary left first molar (#14) many years ago. Pain and swelling became associated with the tooth 5 days before the examination.

3 1/2 Year Recall with Symptoms

Feb 12, 2018

Assessing implant symptoms versus tooth symptoms.

Patient: 66 Year old female, pre-diabetes controlled with diet, latex allergy

Chief Complaint: Intermittent pain with a feeling of pressure (localized to tooth #30)

Dental History: Previous bonded composite filling placed within 5 years of the endodontic exam. Patient reported a history of periodontal disease and implant replacement of #31 in 2004. Tooth #32 was removed after endodontic treatment and restoration of #30 in 2010.