Guidelines for Case Submission

Case will be selected based upon novel educational value and the potential to create useful clinical discussion highlighting special case management features.

The following format is required in English with reference to the author/treating clinician as the “third party”:

  1. Patient: Sex, Age, significant medical status
  2. Chief Complaint: One short phrase
  3. Dental History: Brief relevant dental history findings that relate to the chief complaint or dental disease presentation.
  4. Significant Findings: all general oral exam observations, clinical, and vitality tests of importance (palpation, percussion, biting, chewing, thermal tests, mobility, and periodontal probing depths) and observations of cracks, sinus tracks, and signs of inflammation
  5. Pulp and Periradicular Diagnosis
  6. Treatment Prognosis (which is the overall prognosis considering restorability, periodontal health, strategic value, and endodontic status)
  7. Treatment Plan: Final agreed upon plan considering contingent follow-up treatment considerations
  8. Special Considerations of Performed Treatment: Highlight the treatment process in detail including decision points and required changes. In this section detail your rationale and opinion for the decided treatment course giving as much detail and depth as possible.
  9. Recall: If available detail recall findings and as much long term follow-up information as possible (including microphotographs, CBCT scan captures/video, and radiographs); all detailed clinical exam and test findings are expected (a submitted case is more likely to be chosen if long term recall follow up is included)
  10. Key Learning Points: Highlight the unique educational value the case presents in the form of bullet points

Image Format Submission Requirements: Images should be presented ideally in an interlaced .png file format of up to 10 mb with a minimum of 150 resolution (pixels/inch), .jpg files are acceptable with adequate size for web posting (at least 5mb, 150 resolution). Initial presentation photos can be ganged together and compressed for case evaluation and then submitted later in final large format as individual images. The chief editor will provide a shared Dropbox folder or FTP link for image transfer. All submissions should be sent to the chief editor’s email: with the subject heading “PDL Case Submission”

Submissions are encouraged and special cases of importance may grant the author of the submission special full access subscription to the PDL website content.