The Endodontic Report

“The Endodontic Report” was a remarkable private periodical which was published from 1986 to 1994. My fellow Boston University colleague, Dr. Barry Vilkin, began the publication as a concept to inform his referrals of modern principles and technologies important to endodontic treatment. Throughout this very interesting historical period the microscope was introduced as an important revolutionary clinical dental tool, rotary instrumentation became wildly popular, and an explosion of different warm and hot gutta percha obturation techniques were introduced and flourished. This periodical became very popular and numerous endodontic specialists ordered it to have it sent to their referring dentists. The authors included well-known expert clinicians early in their careers as they were advancing what were novel concepts at the time, yet established conventional principles today.

It was an arduous task to create a high quality printed journal before the age of desktop publishing and I took over the project in 1989 and ran it for an additional 4 years as editor and publisher. As all my educational projects, “The Endodontic Report”, had no advertising or sponsorships by product companies and was “pure dental learning” supported entirely by the paid subscriptions of passionate professional colleagues.

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Dr. Terry Pannkuk

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