Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions please contact us.


What is PDL? 
Pure Dental Learning (PDL) is an online dental learning resource center, which includes a library of searchable instructional cases, clinically relevant literature, and webinar programs by leading dental researchers, educators, and practicing clinicians.


How often is new content added? 
A new deconstructed case or instructional segment will be added every Monday at 12:00pm PST. New authors are strongly encouraged to submit instructional cases/material for review by the Advisory Panel.


Is this only Endodontics? 
No. We are currently working with a Prothodontist who will be heading an Interdisciplinary section to the website. We also offer Webinars that cover a variety of specialties.


How do I submit a case? 
See the specific instructions at the lower left home page screen Guidelines for Case Submission. Some modifications of the protocol are acceptable for cases that are not an endodontic treatment. Contact the chief editor (Dr. Pannkuk) at if you have specific questions about case submission. Be sure to title the subject heading, “PDL-Case Submission”.


Who can submit a case? 
Any licensed dentist who treats cases and feels that a special case has educational value to his colleagues.


How do I get a reduced subscription fee for webinars as a student or full-time faculty member? 
When creating an account during the checkout process, there will be a section to fill in for verifying your student/faculty status.


Are hard copy editions of “The Endodontic Report” available? 
Yes, contact state the specific issue you would like to purchase ($35 + shipping), your name, address, and we will compute, then inform you of the shipping charges and then mail you a printed copy once receiving payment.


Are there additional teaching programs provided by Pure Dental Learning? 
Yes, Dr. Pannkuk will set up custom webinars for individual or multiple University resident programs and discuss topics of interest and approaches to clinical treatment.


How are webinars scheduled? 
An Advisory Panel of distinguished endodontic educators and clinicians provides guidance for programs as well as critiquing and editing content. Featured presenters selected based upon the value of their presentation and relevance to current and future clinical dental practice.


What is ADA CERP? 
ADA CERP is a special continuing education status granted by the American Dental Association. The grading is rigorous with stringent standards for quality involving testing and surveys. The continuing education hours accepted in all 50 United States.


Can I receive ADA CERP hours for a recorded webinar I view on my own? 
Yes, after registering and viewing a recorded webinar, you will be provided with an online form with test questions/survey you can fill out and file for your ADA CERP hours.