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Endodontic Treatment Challenges of Complex Anatomy

The prevention of tissue and debris blockage is especially important when treating complex root anatomy. In this case the author demonstrates the treatment of a radix entomolaris root anomaly

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The Dangerous Curved Root

Certain presentations of root anatomy require serious attention to detail to prevent mishaps. A case like this one showing a long curved narrow root is a good example.

Patient: 57 year-old female with controlled Type 2 Diabetes

Chief Complaint: Patient complained of a constant throbbing toothache in the lower right posterior jaw. She reported 5/10 pain level and presented for emergency treatment

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Retreatment of a Maxillary Premolar with 3 Roots

Overfilling is often a Red Herring. In this case a maxillary second premolar with 3 canals failed and required definitive retreatment of the entire root canal system

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Cone Fitting

Jul 8, 2019

Pannkuk Rule

Apr 15, 2019

Hidden Missed Canal

Nov 9, 2015