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21 Year Recall: Internal Perforation Repair with Amalgam

Long-term recall of internal perforation repair with amalgam

Patient: 38 year-old male in excellent health (1994)

Chief Complaint: Severe tooth ache

Dental History: The patient presented to the author in 1994 having had previous endodontic therapy on the maxillary right first molar (tooth #3) in 1990. Severe tooth pain had developed localized to the tooth 1 ½ weeks prior to the author examining the patient at which time the patient’s dentist had attempted endodontic retreatment. The attempted nonsurgical endodontic retreatment procedure failed to relieve the patient’s pain and the general dentist had performed an emergency surgical flap procedure. Antibiotics and narcotic analgesics had been prescribed and the patient was referred for endodontic consultation (1994)

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Failed External Resorption Treatment Corrected with Surgery

Can initial failed external resorption treatment be successfully corrected?

Patient: 24 year-old male in excellent health

Chief Complaint: Biting Sensitivity

Dental History: The patient reported having had root canal treatment performed by his general dentist in 2011 (3 years prior to the initial consultation with the author). His current local dentist noted gingival bleeding at a recent appointment and noted a root radiolucency consistent with external root resorption (maxillary right canine, tooth #6)

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Conclusion of Puzzle Case: Complexities Treating a Molar Tooth having a Root Amputation

What problems and complexities can be expected when treating this tooth?

Patient: 67 year old female with glaucoma

Chief Complaint: Cold and biting sensitivity since periodontal surgery

Dental History: The patient presented a history of periodontitis and periodontal treatment. A distobuccal root amputation had been performed on the maxillary left second molar one week prior to consultation with the author. The patient was referred for root canal treatment on the mesiobuccal and palatal roots by the treating periodontist.

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