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Emergency Maxillary Anterior Trauma

Jun 17, 2019

Learn how to accurately test and examine teeth after an emergency trauma incident

Case: Patient presented with fractured teeth and lacerations after a traumatic injury

Patient: 19-year-old male in excellent health
Chief Complaint: "Broken Front Teeth" (from recent accident)
Dental History: The incident occurred when the teenager fell off a truck jumping sand dunes at the beach 3 days prior to the emergency examination. The patient had been to the emergency room and had a CT scan to check for jaw/skull fracture and none were found. He was also never unconscious and a concussion was not suspected. His general dentist pulp capped the exposures with a boned resin.

Anterior Tooth Trauma: Emergency Triage

Oct 22, 2018

Emergency maxillary anterior tooth trauma presents a challenging unscheduled treatment challenge

Patient: 24 year old female in excellent health

Chief Complaint: "broken front teeth"

Dental History: The patient reported a bicycle accident the night before her examination by the author. Her previous dental history was unremarkable.

2 Year Follow-up: An Avulsed Tooth

Nov 12, 2017

Learn the Challenges of Managing an Avulsed Tooth

Patient: 18 year-old male in excellent health (at time of initial presentation)

Chief Complaint: Asymptomatic

Dental History: Bicycle accident 6 weeks prior to seeing the author. Trauma to the maxillary anterior jaw with tooth #9 (maxiilary left central incisor) avulsed and replaced within an unknown period of time (extraoral time at least 15 minutes)