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Retreatment of Carrier Obturation: 1 Year Recall Observation

Nov 5, 2018

Expeditious root canal filling without debridement leads to failure

Patient: 21 year-old male in excellent health

Chief Complaint: asymptomatic

Dental History: The patient reported having had root canal treatment in 2009 on teeth #’s 18 and 19 and was referred by an out-of-town endodontist (patient was a local student) to the author for examination. The patient had been prescribed antibiotics for the radiographic presentation of a periapical radiolucency and mismanaged previous endodontic treatment with a suspected separated instrument. (Tooth #19)

Discoloration of an Anterior Tooth after Root Canal Treatment

Mar 25, 2018

Leaving root canal debris in the pulp chamber and pulp horns can discolor an anterior tooth

Patient: 23 year-old female with a history of heart mumurs

Chief Complaint: discolored front tooth (Tooth #8)

Dental History: The patient reported that her maxillary right central incisor had been treated with root canal treatment within the previous two years and that the tooth had become dark. She reported a history of bruxism and caries in the sextant. She also reported wearing a night guard.

Carrier Retreatment Detailed

Jan 28, 2018

Learn a specific technique for carrier obturator removal

Patient: 25 year-old male with asthma and seasonal allergies

Chief Complaint: Patient complained of “pressure around his back right tooth”

Dental History: Endodontic treatment had been performed with carrier obturation 2 years prior to the author’s examination. A core without a final full-coverage restoration had been placed.

Significant Findings (#30): Localized moderate gingival inflammation, draining buccal sinus tract, periapical radiolucencies (mesial and distal roots), radiolucent band along the furcation side of the mesial root, and one of the mesial root canals filled grossly short