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Treatment of a Gross Perforation

Proper treatment of a gross perforation with a bioactive material can lead to remarkable healing.

Treatment Plan: Nonsurgical Endodontic Therapy and internal perforation repair (#26)

Special Considerations of Performed Treatment:
The first important consideration was elimination of pain which required palliative treatment (Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen), pulp extirpation, and management of the inflamed periradicular perforation site.

Access, Access

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Special Management Concerns of the Mandibular Molar Middle Mesial Canal


Learn how to safely treat the mandibular molar middle mesial canal

Patient: 48 year-old male, with a history of Hepatitis C

Chief Complaint: Constant toothache with throbbing

Dental History: The patient had seen his dentist for treatment of deep caries which led to an exposure and pain one day prior to referral to the author for examination (mandibular right first molar, #30)

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Endodontic Treatment of a Molar with Gross Caries: Demonstration


Learn how to endodontically manage a tooth with gross caries

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Aseptic Isolation

Mar 12, 2018

Principles of Endodontic Access

Jun 13, 2016