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Combined Natural Tooth-Implant Supported Bridge

Terry Pannkuk, DDS, MScDInstructional, Complications: Advanced Management, Fractured Roots, Endo Implantology, All by Date


Preoperative radiograph 6 years later after the retreatment failed.

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Learn to have a comprehensive perspective during treatment planning

Patient: 68 year old male with controlled hypertension

Chief Complaint: Pain, swelling, and bleeding around the mandibular first molar (#19)

Dental History: Approximately 10 years ago an implant surgeon broke off a distal root tip when extracting the second molar. It was subsequently decided to place an implant in the third molar position to avoid the root tip rather than remove it. Next an implant-natural tooth supported bridge was contructed so that a pontic could be placed to restore the 2nd molar occlusion. Tooth #19 developed endodontic pathosis and was treated by a general dentist. The endodontic treatment failed and was retreated by an endodontist in 6 years ago. The patient eventually developed symptoms and was referred to the author.

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