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Special Consideration Saving a Fractured Tooth

Terry Pannkuk, DDS, MScDDiagnostic Puzzles, Post-endodontic Restoration, Fractured Roots, All by Date


Diagram given to periodontist and restorative dentist showing the desired way to prepare the crown so that the margin will rest on circumferential dentin idealizing fracture resistance and retention

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Patient: 67 year old female with breast cancer diagnosed initially in 1996, relapsed from remission in 2002, and in 2013, currently at advanced stage, high blood pressure, taking Micardis, Exemestane, and Xgeva

Chief Complaint: severe biting sensitivity (tooth #20)

Dental History: There has been no recent dentistry aside from routine cleanings. The composite filling in tooth #20 was reported to have been placed over 20 years prior to the date of consultation. Severe pain to biting, percussion, and chewing began two days prior to the exam. A constant low grade ache was also reported by the patient.

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