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Retrospective CBCT Validation of Root Canal System Anatomy

Terry Pannkuk, DDS, MScDInstructional, Complications: Advanced Management, All by Date


Preoperative CBCT capture section showing the major lateral canal of the MB root

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Do not be fooled by a preoperative CBCT

Patient: 89 year-old male with a history of colorectal cancer and radiation treatment (1993), managed hypertension, osteoarthritis with difficulty reclining, and Type 2 Diabetes managed with Melformin

Chief Complaint: Asymptomatic

Dental History: Extraction of the maxillary right third molar (tooth #1) had been recently attempted by a periodontist and a root tip was broken off and left due to extremely difficult access. The patient had limited jaw opening and the soft tissues were obstructive to surgical flap reflection. A periapical radiograph taken by the patient’s general dentist revealed a radiolucency circumscribing the roots of the maxillary right second molar (tooth #2) and he was referred to the author for an endodontic consultation.

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