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Five Year Follow-Up of Heroic Anterior Tooth Save:UPDATE

Terry Pannkuk, DDS, MScDDiagnostic Puzzles, Complications: Advanced Management, Fractured Roots, Surgical Retreatment, Retreatment Strategies, Dismantling, Gutta Percha Removal, Recall Observations, All by Date


An apically propagated crack line was noted in the apical third (June 5, 2014

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UPDATE: Recurrent Endodontic Disease After Initial Healing, 4 years later

Patient: 52 year-old (2014) male in excellent health

Chief Complaint: Patient reported a bump on the gums above his front upper tooth

Dental History: Patient reported a history of prior orthodontics as a child and previous endodontic treatment performed on the maxillary left and right central incisors in 1970 (teeth #’s 8 and 9). Surgical endodontic treatment had been performed years ago after a recurrent infection associated with the maxillary left central incisor (tooth #9)

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