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Recall (20 Year): Cleared Tooth Bridge Abutment Deconstruction (cleared root sections courtesy of Dr. Craig Barrington)

Terry Pannkuk, DDS, MScDRecall Observations, Endo Implantology, All by Date


Cleared apical root showing the deformed apical gutta percha filling at the apical terminus (courtesy of Dr. Craig Barrington)

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Learn the long term result of overloading a bridge abutment

Patient: 69 year old female with mild hypertension

Chief Complaint: Bridge fell off with maxillary 2nd molar distal abutment fractured (1993). Bridge fell off again (2013)

Dental History: Orthognathic surgery performed over 20 years earlier after a traumatic accident. The maxillary right first molar had been extracted with a three unit bridge made using the maxillary 2nd molar (#2) and maxillary 2nd bicuspid (#4) as abutments. The bridge had fallen off due to gross caries and a crown fracture (#2).

Significant Clinical Findings (1993): Caries exposure of the pulp, sharp/transient response to cold stimulation, slight to moderate percussion sensitivity, and normal periodontal findings (#2)

Diagnosis (1993): Irreversibly Inflamed Pulp with Acute Periradicular Periodontitis

Prognosis (1993): Guarded to Fair due to unfavorable remaining tooth structure

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