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Problems with a Permanently Splinted Mandibular Anterior Tooth

Terry Pannkuk, DDS, MScDInstructional, Endo-Perio Combined Lesions, Recall Observations, Endo Implantology, All by Date


Preoperative periapical radiograph

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Should mandibular anterior teeth be indefinitely splinted after orthodontics?

Patient: 50 year-old male (time of 2014 recall) with hyperthyroidism

Chief Complaint: Occasional “pulsating” in the past, currently asymptomatic

Dental History: Previous endodontic therapy on the mandibular right central incisor (tooth #25) with internal bleaching afterwards (10-15 years prior to the author’s initial consultation) ,orthodontics (1985) and the patient reported having the lower bonded splinting of the mandibular anteriors the entire time since 1985.

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