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Technique for Exploration of Fracture

Terry Pannkuk, DDS, MScDClinical Endodontic Technique Instruction, Diagnosis, Complications: Advanced Management, Fractured Roots, All by Date


Microphoto showing frosted crack extending 2-3mm intothe distal canal orifce

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Learn how to perform an endodontic access cavity prep that allows clear visualization of a crack

Patient: 44-year-old male with recent knee surgery and mild untreated hypertension

Chief Complaint: cold sensitivity and moderate constant pain for 2 weeks

Dental History: No recent dental treatment or dental cleaning visits

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Terry, we have a data base for trauma cases and revascularization. We should develop one for cracked teeth and develop guidelines. mike

Absolutely! It makes much more sense to have a data base assessing a routine reason for tooth loss instead of ones for rare clinical concerns.

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