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Carrier Retreatment Detailed

Terry Pannkuk, DDS, MScDClinical Endodontic Technique Instruction, Obturation, Retreatment Strategies, Carrier Removal, All by Date


Clinical microphotograph showing that the canals had been previously filled with carrier obturators

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Learn a specific technique for carrier obturator removal

Patient: 25 year-old male with asthma and seasonal allergies

Chief Complaint: Patient complained of “pressure around his back right tooth”

Dental History: Endodontic treatment had been performed with carrier obturation 2 years prior to the author’s examination. A core without a final full-coverage restoration had been placed.

Significant Findings (#30): Localized moderate gingival inflammation, draining buccal sinus tract, periapical radiolucencies (mesial and distal roots), radiolucent band along the furcation side of the mesial root, and one of the mesial root canals filled grossly short

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