Nonsurgical Retreatment Limited to the MB Root: CBCT-Aided

Dr. Roberto Cristescu Missed Canals, Gutta Percha Removal, Recall Observations

Learn to decide when to perform limited retreatment of a multirooted tooth

Patient: 35 years old female; in good general health condition

Chief Complaint: Palpation soreness on the cheek area while washing the face.

Dental History: The patient presented with good oral hygiene. Her dentition consisted of numerous intracoronal fillings and crowns. A crown restoration on tooth #16 was reportedly placed 5 years prior to the time of consultation at which time endodontic treatment had been performed. She reported no complaints associated with Tooth # 16 until recently (previous few weeks) The patient went to her dentist who took a periapical radiograph and diagnosed an apical periodontitis associated with Tooth #16, then referred the patient to the author for examination and treatment

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