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Maxillary Anterior Puzzle Entity

Terry Pannkuk, DDS, MScDDiagnostic Puzzles, Instructional, All by Date


CBCT 3-D rendering capture

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CBCT scan imaging can rule out artifacts

Chief Complaint: Asymptomatic with a reported history of intermittent subtle burning/throbbing sensation in the maxillary anterior area (specifically around teeth #’s 8 and 9)

Significant Dental History: The patient reported having a traumatic incident in the maxillary anterior area years ago (“hit with a “drill”) at which time the #9 tooth chipped and the incisal edge was repaired with a bonded composite (no pulp exposure)

Significant Findings: All clinical findings and tests were within normal limits . The radiograph revealed a periapical radiolucency at the tooth #9 periapex.

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