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Dental Pain and Lyme Disease "Update"

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Immediate Post-treatment radiograph

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Completion of endodontic treatment did not immediately resolve the patient's pain symptoms yet symptoms were gone at 1 1/2 months

Treatment Puzzle: Root Canal Treatment Failure or Nondental Pain Related to Lyme Disease?

Patient: 34 year old female with Lyme disease and related cardiac pathosis (angina)

Chief Complaint: Front tooth painful

Dental History: The patient reported being hit by a baseball which chipped her maxillary left central incisor (#9) when a child. Root canal treatment and a crown restoration had been performed at the same time. October, 2013 (one year before the author’s clinical examination of the patient) she reported having contracted Lyme Disease and was admitted to the hospital emergency room 5 times with heart related issues. There appears to have been a correlation with the tooth pain and the onset of Lyme disease.

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