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CBCT Validation of Root Anatomy after Filling

Terry Pannkuk, DDS, MScDClinical Endodontic Technique Instruction, Diagnosis, All by Date


Transverse CBCT scan capture diagraming the PDL ligament space of the palatal root and how it can cast a shadow through the buccal root on a periapical radiograph giving an impression of two buccal canals.

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Learn how to properly interpret CBCT artifacts

Patient: 58 year old female with managed cholesterol levels and managed hypertension.

Chief Complaint: Sensitivity to hot and cold

Dental History: The patient presented with a history of vague sensitivity in the maxillary right posterior area but the findings were equivocal and could not be localized to a single tooth. Multiple occlusal adjustments by the patient’s restorative dentist due to excursive nonworking cusp interferences. The patient continued to complain of pressure thermal sensitivity over the course of 1 year and was referred for endodontic evaluation and treatment.

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