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CBCT Mapping of a Maxillary Left Canine Defect

Terry Pannkuk, DDS, MScDDiagnosis, Resorption Management, All by Date


horizontal radiograph showing cervical root level of the resorption defect (#11)

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CBCT mapping helps to determine whether a tooth is restorable

Case: Patient presented with suspected resorption

Patient: 54-year-old male in excellent health

Chief Complaint: asymptomatic

Dental History: Patient had a history of generalized periodontitis with previous periodontal surgery and grafting. Very few of his teeth had been restored with dental fillings and crowns. His brother (a dentist) noted a root radiolucency (#11) during a routine dental full mouth radiographic exam. The patient also reported a history of having had external bleaching and orthodontics.

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