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Endodontic Access with Discovery of a Fracture (Video)

Terry Pannkuk, DDS, MScDDiagnosis, Fractured Roots, All by Date

Video Description

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This video depicts an exploratory access procedure, which led to the discovery of a catastrophic crack having a poor prognosis.

This author does not typically use the Endo Activator to place calcium hydroxide. The Lentulo spiral is much more efficient spinning the CH more thoroughly. Sometimes when a tooth is slated for extraction thorough dispersion of the calcium hydroxide is not important. Cavit can be placed in the pulp chamber and plugged into the canal orifices after cleaning the walls free of excess calcium hydroxide. It seems preferable to inform the referring dentist and let the patient discuss future plans and options with their dentist before extracting a tooth like this where the fracture was a surprise.

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